NSWS Newsletter Archives

Here are the archives of past society newsletters. At the point where NorthStar changed its name from NorthStar Watercolor Society to NorthStar Watermedia Society, the regular newsletter was discontinued on the premise of moving into the digital age with the website and social media as the primary communications tool for the society. As a result, the actual last newsletter was in October 2012.

Here is a list of archived newsletters available for viewing. The file type is listed after the issue. When you click on the link, it should open in a new window, and when finished you can simply close that window to return to this page.


October 2012 (html)
September 2012 (html)
May 2012 (html)
April 2012 (html)
March 2012 (html)
February 2012 (html)
January 2012 (html)


December 2011 (html)
November 2011 (html)
October 2011 (html)
September 2011 (html)
June 2011 (html)
May 2011 (html)
April 2011 (html)
March 2011 (html)
February 2011 (html)
January 2011 (html)


December 2010 (html)
November 2010 (html)
October 2010 (html)
September 2010 (html)
June 2010 (html)
May 2010 (html)
April 2010 (html)
March 2010 (html)
February 2010 (html)
January 2010 (html)


December 2009 (html)
November 2009 (html)
October 2009 (html)
September 2009 (html)
June 2009 (html)
May 2009 (html)
April 2009 (html)
March 2009 (html)
February 2009 (html)
January 2009 (html)


December 2008 (html)
November 2008 (html)
October 2008 (html)
September 2008 (html)
June 2008 (html)
May 2008 (html)
April 2008 (html)
March 2008 (html)
February 2008 (html)
January 2008 (html)


September 2007 (html)


Member Slide Show Gallery

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow of member art. Click on the slideshow screen if you want to pause at an image, and then click again to restart the slideshow. If you want to look up the contact information for one of the artists in the slideshow, go to our Slideshow Contact List If you want to see the images in an even larger size visit the archives page.