Demo by Robert Jeffery -
Architecturally Inspired Paintings

Thursday, June 21, 2018, 7:00p.m.
Rose Room, Roseville Skating Center, 2661 Civic Center Drive, Roseville MN


Paris Times 2Minneapolis artist Robert Jeffery will discuss his approach to composing and executing his realistic watercolors.

“History and Architecture have been a major influence on what I choose to paint and I have found that watercolor is the perfect medium to use when attempting to capture these subjects.

My subject matter and style of painting tend to include detailed architectural and historical references.  Since my wife and I started traveling to Europe over 30 years ago, I have observed and photographed some amazing stonework, handcrafted tile, mosaics and old world artistry that would be difficult to reproduce today.  I am constantly overwhelmed by the ingenuity, passion and creativity of artisans who have come before us.

HonfleurWatercolor makes you think about your execution very precisely due to the limitations and opportunities that the medium offers. I find that this also offers me a chance to reflect on the subject as I paint (I’m not the fastest brush in the west). If my subject is a building I think about who lived there, what happened over the years and why it is still standing or been left to decay. The more you empathize with your subject the more of YOU goes into it. I love history and that is why I paint the subjects that I paint.  Rural America is another interest that I embrace because that is where I grew up.”

I’ve  been selected to exhibit in numerous local, national and international competitions over the years including just recently a first place for watercolor at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair and first place for watercolor at the 2017 & 2018 Arts in Harmony All Medium International Competition.  I also have a painting juried into the 2018 Transparent Watercolor Society National Show.

Robert Jeffery  5300  40th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417,