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Virtual Demo by Uma Kelkar

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 7-9 p.m.
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Uma Kelker of San Jose, California, is both an artist and an engineer—two professions in which she finds plenty of crossover. “Both are elegant,” she says. Uma works in watercolor, gouache, oil, ink, charcoal and digital sketching.  She is the primary author of The Urban Sketching Handbook: Drawing With a Tablet.  

Featured in Watercolor Artist, Fall 2021, as one of four sketching enthusiasts,  Uma explains how she uses her sketchbook as a tool to tide her over between more extensive painting and how it “provides a space for practice and play.”

Uma is known for her direct watercolor paintings though she finds this fame befuddling because she draws a lot but is not known for her pencil work. She enjoys painting large with large brushes and enjoys touching the paper least number of times for most effect.

In September, Uma spent 5 days sketching in George Floyd Square. You can read her blog post at

You can see more of Uma’s work on her website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.




Sonja Hutchinson Demonstration and YouTube Link 

September 16, 2021 

Our guest demo artist for September was Sonja Hutchinson who is an award-winning local watercolorist and teacher. The theme of her demo was “Tapping into Curiosity”.  Sonja focused our attention on identifying value and color shifts in a watercolor painting and then using a Micron pen to highlight those shapes. The result is a unique blend of watercolor and ink.  Sonja believes that “painting in watercolor is where spontaneity and intention collide. I find it stimulating to use processes and tools that both challenge and celebrate the fluid nature of this medium.”  

Sonja Hutchinson’s demo may be found on the NSWS YouTube channel at the following link:

You can visit Sonja’s website at