Demo by Jan Johansen:

“Acrylics – Hot Colors and More”

Thursday, November 16, 7-9 pm
Rose Room, Roseville Skating Center, 2661 Civic Center Drive, Roseville

Johansen 1

I started my art life in the mid 60’s working exclusively in watercolors for about 20 years. I am a former NorthStar member. Feeling I was too dependent on the magic of watercolor, I began working in pastel – a medium that would do only what I made it do. I earned signature membership in both TWSA and PSA. In more recent years I have been working in oils and acrylics. In the 1990’s I became involved in the western art world mainly the C.M. Russell Auction in Montana. That led me to painting four 3/4 size buffalo. I was guest artist at the Johansen 3C.M. Russell Ride and had many other invitations. Who knew? It was fun!

I will be demonstrating a procedure I sometimes use with acrylics where I cover the surface with hot colors and come back in to create my subject. I initially did this on the first buffalo I painted. Hope you enjoy.






LAST MEETING: Oct. 12, 2017

Demo by Ellen Diederich: “Balancing Colors”

diederich 3

Fargo artist Ellen Diederich began her demo by emphasizing that she would concentrate on “how shapes touch each other.” Ellen put herself through college painting portraits and doing caricatures. This sharpened her visual sense and contributed to her drawing skills.

diederich 2On a full sheet of watercolor paper, she had drawn a street scene from several photos, selecting elements from each. The scene included figures in the foreground holding ice cream cones. Before the demo, she had done an underpainting using soft colors and leaving white areas. She then defined the shapes using a flat brush for the entire work.

Ellen pointed out that “it’s important to keep directing people to come back and look at the painting. Don’t put anything interesting in the corners or people will leave and not come back. Make use of tension points. They can be useful or unattractive.” She believes in changing color to create eye movement. “Get people going through the painting,” she urged, “ and always connect the subject with the background.”

Ellen was entertaining as well as informative. Her painting was not finished at the end of the meeting, but she will share it with us when it is complete.

diederich 5diederich 4diederich 6