Signature Members of NorthStar Watermedia Society

The following members have met the criteria for Signature Membership in the NorthStar Watermedia Society, and have the right to use the initials NSWS.

Nancy Amerson
Judith Blain

Rebecca Cardinal
Pat Choffrut
Calvin deRuyter
Barbara Duffy
Nels Femrite
Lisa Fertig
Richard (Dick) Graves*
Dick Green*

Lana Grow
Judith Hallbeck Meyersaan
Marie Hammond
Claudia Hanson
Patty Healy

Karen Knutson
Janice Morris
Dennis Murnyak
Heidi Nelson

Polly Olmstead
Sue Olson
Barb Parisien
Sylvia Roman
Ann Sisel
Wayne Sisel
David Smith*
Karen Sorensen
Gail Speckmann
Jan Vaughan

Susan Fryer Voigt
Frank Zeller

*MEMBERSHIP LAPSED, no longer a member of NorthStar

Criteria to become a signature member of NorthStar

To gain signature membership, a member must pay contiguous Single Membership dues every year and be:
a) accepted into three (3) NorthStar juried shows within a 10-year period;
b) given three (3) awards in the NorthStar open membership shows within a 10-year period;

(NOTE: Each show acceptance is worth 1 point; each open membership award is worth 1 point; any combination equaling 3 would qualify for signature membership.)

Once signature status is achieved, continual membership must be maintained to actually use the signature.