“Color Harmonies:
Painting Watercolors Filled with Light”

Wed. – Fri. Sept. 4-6, 2019, 9am-4pm

North Oaks West Rec Center,
14 W. Pleasant Lake Road, North Oaks, MN 55127

Rose Edin 9Registration (Limit 14):
Fee: $430 for members & $470 for non-members


A beautiful world of color awaits you in Rose Edin’s 3-day workshop. She emphasizes the use of color harmonies to create brilliant paintings. Pure color is often used in layers to create special effects. She also utilizes and teaches the use of liquid mask, stencils and the actual tracing around shapes of Rose Edin 2flowers and leaves. Other techniques, such as painting wet into wet, pouring and spattering paint directly on the paper, are designed to “loosen up” the painter and bring freedom and spontaneity to the painting. You will be amazed at your progress and the fun you will have in the process!

Download application HERE.

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