2-Day Virtual Landscape Workshop with Linda Kemp

Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021; 10-3 each day with 1 hour lunch break
Demos will be provided for 30 days following workshop


Learn how to create your best watercolor landscapes ever! Negative painting isn’t hard, it’s just different! Once you see how this approach works, you will discover how easy it is to paint fantastic landscapes that are quick, loose and a joy to create.

Our workshop begins with an introduction to creating landscapes with negative painting techniques. We will spend the first morning doing quick, paint-along lessons that will teach you the basics. Each day includes live Keynote presentations, painting exercises, a full video demonstration, personal painting time, live Q&A and a review.

Once you have the knowledge to see the landscape as simple interlocking shapes and learn some fun ways to create textures, you will be ready for our two main projects, The Romantic Landscape and Big Sky Landscapes.

Day 1 The Romantic Landscape – Watercolor Subtle transitions of hues and the layering of lost and found edges capture the spirit of the romantic landscape in this essential watercolor workshop. Discover how to interpret the soft layers of fields and meadows and build your paintings with a simple plan that captures the spirit of the gentle landscape from the ground up. Learn “Badger” brush handling techniques for applying textures to suggest blowing grasses and distant trees. You will learn how and where to use captured negative shapes and minimal hard edges to slowly bring your work into soft focus. Whether you work from your imagination or resource material, you will be amazed by this elegant approach to creating a romantic impression of the landscape.

Day 2 Big Sky Landscapes – Watercolor Create the magic of atmospheric skies using sweeping strokes and big brushes. Keep it fast and loose as you build your paintings following a simple plan that captures the feeling of a Big Sky landscape. In this new program, we begin with an experimental under-painting using evocative color and painterly marks to build a foreground. The skyline emerges as we reveal and conceal with intriguing passages of glowing transparent hues and velvety watercolors. Express the many moods of the sky as you learn techniques for flowing in the gradated colors of clear day, building layers of billowing clouds and conjuring the drama of an approaching storm.

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