The NorthStar Watermedia Society is made up of many individuals who carry out, as volunteers, a myriad of tasks for the organization. Who you might want to contact about a specific issue can usually be found on the following list

The Board of Directors of the NorthStar Watermedia Society

Position Name Email
President Heidi Nelson
Co President Deirdre Vaughan
Past President Jill Jacobson
Secretary Leny Wendel
Treasurer Cate Larson
Membership Laurie Mosher
Communications Barb Parisien
Communications Judy Harvey
Artists Market Sue Olson
Juried Show Janice L. Anderson
Programs Art Weeks
Member Exhibition Peggy Wright
Workshops Patty Healy
Workshops Carol Tana
MNWS Liason Barb Carriger
Historian Leona Olson
Hospitality Marian Wolters
Hospitality Judy McLaughlin
Librarian GigiĀ  Gentizsch
Librarian Patti Coverston
Peer Voting Diane Gilbertson
Videographer Carol Spohn
Videographer Larry Jackson
Web Master Cal deRuyter