The NorthStar Watermedia Society is made up of many individuals who carry out, usually as volunteers, a myriad of tasks for the organization. Who you might want to contact about a specific issue can usually be found on the following list:

Questions on membership, membership terms, membership fees, or membership benefits should be directed to the membership chair, Carole Anderson, by email, or by snail-mail to 2878 Meadowlark Lane, Maplewood MN 55109.

General questions about the NorthStar Watermedia Society, its goals, its purpose, or its specific mission should be directed to Co-President Leny Wendel via email or Co-President LouAnn Hoppe email.

Questions about the website, website development or website problems should be directed to the NorthStar Watermedia Society website liaison Connie Keithahn via email while technical questions can be directed to the webmaster Calvin deRuyter via email.

The Board of Directors of the NorthStar Watermedia Society

Co-Presidents Janice Anderson and Marie Panlener
President Elect
Jill Jacobson
Secretary Leny Wendell
Treasurer Janice Anderson
Membership Carole Anderson & Assist. Margareta Beyer & Assist. Gitte Mohr
Communications Barbara Parisien
Workshops Ann Sisel & Patty Healy
Programs Lisa Fertig & Deb Thornton
Artists’ Market Sue Olson & Connie Keithahn
Member Exhibition LouAnn Hoppe
National Exhibition Janice Anderson
Web Liaison Connie Keithahn
Peer Voting Diane Gilbertson
Website deRuyter-Nelson Publications, Inc.
Hospitality Carol Rodriguez
Advisors Susan Fryer Voigt
MNSWS Liaison Marilyn Jacobson
Librarian Frank Zeller
Futurist Calvin deRuyter
Past President LouAnn Hoppe