NorthStar Watermedia members can have their website links (up to three) posted here for the public to see.


Group painting events that are free to other artists will be listed in this section. They can be indoor or outdoor events, either inside or outside of the metro area.


Classes and Workshops that NorthStar members sponsor are published here for members and for the public to see.


This section is intended for NorthStar members who have news to share with others: acceptance into a show; an award received; an exhibition; a published kudo; or some other art-related event that is special. (If you have won an award, considering sharing the image of the painting by attaching an image file.)


Opportunities that are of interest to members of the NorthStar community would be listed on this page. Opportunities include items such as a call for artists for a show, a call for artists from a gallery or exhibition space, or a call for art for a special project or organization. It could be a special program for artists in the area of marketing, strategy, technique, etc.  This is a space for any opportunity that is open to artists (can include entrance fees or registration fees) to advance their knowledge, their standing or their reputation. 




NorthStar Watermedia Society is
committed to working toward
a more inclusive, just, and
equitable community.



Member Slide Show Gallery

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow of member art. After a bit of time to upload, the slides are set for 10 second intervals--you can go faster than that by clicking on the slide image to bring you to the next one. Contact the artist directly if you wish to purchase or ask about one of their paintings.

Click the link below to see the latest slideshow.



Monthly meeting virtual demos and our DVD library are now available online for you to look at at any time!

You can go directly to the
YouTube Channel by clicking HERE.