Report on the September 2014 meeting:

Andy Evansen – Freshness and Immediacy In Landscape Painting


Andy E profile pic Our September artist, Andy Evansen, delivered as promised.

Recently back from a painting experience in Grand Marais where “the weather was terrible except for one day”Andy chose to paint from a photo he took there on a day when waves were at a record high. Although he won a first place award in the “Night Paint”category at Grand Marais, Andy insists, “It isn’t about the awards. I paint because I love it!”

Evansen demo 1Andy began the demonstration with a contour drawing of the scene, connecting all of the big shapes. Commenting that he is a “value painter”rather than a “color painter”Andy concentrates on connecting big shapes in his first wash. He started with a wash of the sky combining cerulean with warmer neutral shades, then washing big shapes into the background and foreground. Concentrating on lights and darks he leaves color for the end.

His supplies include 300 pound Arches paper (rough or cold press) and Winsor Newton paints, though he has recently added the new Golden line of Qor watercolors which he considers very close in color to Winsor Newton.

He doesn’t believe in using a hair dryer to dry the paints as he prefers to let the paints move and “do their own thing.”

Evansen demo 2Andy completed the demo applying white gouache with his fingers in areas where the waves burst into pure white foam.
He referred to many of the old masters who had no qualms about using opaque whites.

The final painting proved to be “fresh and immediate,”typical of the Andy Evansen style. We are privileged to claim him as our own Minnesota artist!