Demo by Kairong Liu

dscn2781Acrylic artist Kairong Liu prefers to paint outdoors, but in his October demonstration for NorthStar members he painted a scene familiar to him, a landscape with autumn trees, water, and flowers

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He began by painting the top third of his canvas with a warm yellow, and the bottom two thirds with a cool blue. Then, with a big brush he placed large tree forms in the background. Working from background to foreground he danced his paintbrush around the canvas placing foundation colors. He doesn’t like to blend his colors but prefers to leave the texture of brush marks in an impressionistic manner.

Kairong believes that a painting should have about 10 percent darks, 10 percent highlights, and 80 percent medium tones. His study of Chinese calligraphy is evident in his confident brush strokes. After sketching in base colors he defined trees, water, and flowers bringing more warm highlights into the foreground. In less than an hour on the painting he stopped abruptly and declared – “Finished!” His audience gasped at the quickly but beautifully rendered scene.

You can find his work at www.kairongart.com.

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