Blake Iverson: Intellectual property basics for artists


Iverson at November meeting

Considered “a lawyer for creatives,” Blake Iverson, kept his audience entertained and informed on a blustery night in November. Iverson began with a story involving a successful lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company that had used a painting lifted from the internet in a TV ad. He then went on to explain the ins and outs of copyright protection, including how to register, the importance of contracts, the meaning of derivative works, patents and trademarks. Iverson answered many specific questions from the audience regarding their art.

Although Iverson promotes methods of protecting original artwork, he admits that, “The robbers are usually more sophisticated than the cops.”

Iverson teaches Contracts at McNally Smith College of Music and Arts Law and Ethics at Saint Mary’s University. His law firm is Friedman Iverson.




Blake Iverson AttorneyBlake Iverson has worked with dozens of businesses ranging from advertising agencies and design firms to retailers, breweries and record labels

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. He specializes in contracts, intellectual property and business advising. He also teaches Contracts at McNally Smith College of Music and Arts Law and Ethics at Saint Mary’s University.

In “Intellectual Property Basics for Artists” you will learn the rights that you have in the things you create and how to enforce them. In this fun, interactive seminar we’ll separate the myths from the realities of intellectual property and arm you with the knowledge to protect, and maybe even make some money from your art.