Judy Blain Demo 3Monthly Meeting November 2015 Report

“Prepare to be Amazed or Amused” by Judy Blaine


Judy Blain Demo 2 Judy Blain delivered a mix of amazement and amusement with her entertaining demo at our November meeting.

As a founding member of NorthStar’s 40-year history, Judy continues to grow as an artist, takes workshops, and gives classes. Her demo was based on photos she had taken of flowers and her own black cat.

She combined the two images in a composition which she drew with paint on 140 pound Arches paper. Judy Blain Demo 5She started by brushing in the flowers with saturated oranges and reds. She then placed a dark background behind the flowers using blacks mixed with alizarin crimson and burnt umber.

She painted the cat in dark blacks with an underpainting of purple which came to life after a sprinkle of salt which brought out the texture of fur. Then she painted the final element – an orange cup holding three brushes.

Though she had some finishing touches to add, Judy promised to bring the finished painting to the next meeting. Her mantra is, “Painting is 80 % thinking and 20 % painting.”