Meet the Board: Janice Anderson

Current Co-President (1st year) Chairperson (June 2015 to current) – First Annual NorthStar Watermedia Society National Juried Art Exhibition

How did you get starting painting? Throughout my life I have enjoyed drawing and sketching, pen and ink, graphite pencil and colored pencil. Watercolor paintings always catch my eye and pull me in for a closer look. Sketching techniques and photography are primary tools and work handily in my home interior decorating business. Watercolor painting has been on my ‘bucket list’ or ‘radar’ for many, many, many years. Most opportunities for watercolor painting instruction occurred at times, be it days or hours or time of year, when other commitments had priority. Finally, in 2010 the stars were in line, month, day, time for instructions and registration to travel to France. Then I gave myself permission to pursue lessons in watercolor painting for my pleasure because now I also had strong motivation by destination, focus, or deadline if you wish.

Favorite medium? The graphite sketching and drawing pencils and colored pencils have been constant companions when I travel. I have now added the watercolor travel kit. It is so compact and yet so huge in usefulness on the road. Watercolor has quickly become my new favorite medium, with the sketching tools tucked in of course.

Favorite subject matter to paint? Any scene that has to do with nature entices me.

Favorite place to buy art supplies? Wet Paint serves me well. The employees are so understanding of my frailties.

Best advise to beginners? Take Basic Color Theory instructions (and maybe more than once) because you will find answers for questions you don’t know you have.

Best workshop taken? Each workshop at the time was the “best.” Another technique, style, or mixing is enlightening. Most unforgettable is the 5-day workshop in Provence, France, just because I could include a trip to Europe and study unhindered.

How many colors do you need? I can be quite efficient with the 3 primary colors. At least 12 color tubes keeps me settled. Although more is fun, more is also confusing. So, depending on the subject, my goal is to select 12 colors to use. And, that creates a challenge.

What paints can’t you live without? I will say first I would miss most my watercolor travel kit. Next, Daniel Smith watercolor paints feel luxurious to use and at this time I seem to favor them. There are many others in my inventory left to experiment with soon.

What is the best thing about being on the NSWS Board? Fastest way to know what’s happening, and help the organization grow. Grow meaning, stamina, stimulation, and sense, as well as membership. 

What is/was your occupation? Pillsbury Company, organizing delivery system by road or rail. Mother of 2 children, plus 5 step-children. Telephone industry, now Verizon, as engineering analyst. Owned an independent interior decorating business.

What activities do you enjoy other than painting? Golf, church choir vocalist, pianist, and solo road trips. Also, volunteer in the Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and volunteer church treasurer. Until this past year spent 14 years on my community Planning Commission.

I am centered in a way that gets me into the world. …comfortable with who I am. Took many opportunities for self-education. Could not afford college. Could purchase books now and then for self-instruction over time and issue.