Lana-Grow-BannerLana Grow Catch the Rhythm Join the Party BlueThis class introduces new and experimental ways of painting with water based acrylics. Be ready to try one thing after another as we move from transparent to translucent to opaque! We will be exploring the use of acrylic paint, heavy gel medium, soft gel medium, gesso, gold leaf, textures, stamping, stenciling, transfers and collage. Emphasis will be to achieve line, depth and texture in your work. The focus of the workshop is abstract; however, combining abstract with realistic elements is an option. Students will explore working on different hot press paper surfaces. Lana Grow Play that tune for me in Triple TimeThere will be exploration of beginning paintings in several experimental ways. Finishing techniques will be introduced and demonstrated. I strive to motivate, inspire, and encourage artists to tap into their own creative spirit with confidence. Each day will include several demos and time for the student to work. I will work with each individual attendee. The week will include a time for evaluation, where we will explore the use of design aids analyzing students’ work. You will be working on several pieces at the same time. Color mixing and basic design elements will be presented through demonstration and visual aids. Each student will receive a three-ring, forty-two page booklet of material. This contains in-depth information on class demos, design, color, inspirational quotes, finishing suggestions, supply sources and much more. My goal is to teach a class like one I would like to take. Intermediate to Advanced – You need to be willing to fly without a parachute. Beginners – Be ready with supplies and up for the challenge.



“My objective is to introduce the student to new and liberating concepts in water media painting. I want to provide a safe creative environment for you to explore without production stress, to help you retain the new information by providing an in-depth manual for your at-home reference. I hope to tap into your creative spirit and motivate your own authentic voice to evolve. Rather than a “classroom” piece of art, I will help you bring out your own unique creation. These techniques will blend with what you already know and can provide a new direction in your work. A focus of mine is to inspire confidence, leave you fired up, excited to paint, and ready to explore new ways to finish your work. PDF copy of Registration form HERE. LanaGrow_RegForm-wide-1Lana Grow Celerity Celebration I