MEETING JAN. 18, 2018

IMG_3767Presentation by David Feinberg:

“No Need to Fear Color with the Help of Georgia O’Keefe”


Feinberg lecture 1As a student of color theorist Josef Albers, David Feinberg taught color at the University of Minnesota for 32 years. Choosing Georgia O’Keefe as “the best artist to teach color,” Feinberg showed many paintings by O’Keefe and other artists to point out his approach to color.

Referring to artist Esteban Vincente, a friend of Picasso, as well as Picasso himself, Feinberg showed how the “push and pull” of color influences our paintings. He also referred to Milton Avery, Rothko, and Hans Hoffman.

“Since 95% of nature can be found in the three primaries,” Feinberg acknowledged, “artists should rely on the primary colors .” He said that there is no such thing as bad color. “All colors can be made to work.” Feinberg showed several examples of “simultaneous contrast” or the way background color changes the surrounded color. Placement of colors next to each other is what makes colors glow.

Besides showing examples of color theory masters, Feinberg left us with words of advice: Awareness is the most important. You only learn from mistakes. Everything has energy.