January 21, 2016

Edie Abnet – “Exploration


  Noting that she has demoed three times for NorthStar, Edie Abnet continues to be a favorite for our membership. Never a fan of translucent watercolor – “There are too many rules!” – she considers herself “a painter, DSCN2517not a watercolorist.”

Edie loves drawing, the power of line, and the importance of subject. Birds and horses are two of her favorites. She never paints outdoors which she considers too distracting, but is a disciplined DSCN2522studio painter.

Edie began her demo sketching blue jays on 140 pound hot press paper. She then brushed in strong color with confident strokes, working around the composition with the instinct of an experienced artist.

She then approached a second painting – horses – with the same confidence. She uses mainly Winsor Newton paints for their clarity, but adds line at the end with Swiss-made opaque water soluble crayons. She also experiments with Daniel Smith duochrome paints.

Edie paints like a calligrapher, knowing exactly how and where to place the stroke. We were fortunate to have this seasoned professional back for a third time!