Demo by Susan Frame

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

Susan Frame_RS_croppedSusan Frame 02 Susan Frame is a painter, poet, author, teacher, all connected with her first love – sumi-e brush painting. Susan began her presentation explaining the history of sumi-e which began in China and was taken to Japan. A meditative art, sumi-e is the general term for ink on rice paper or silk. Brushes are made from sheep or goat hair. The medium and process “are completely opposite watercolor,” Susan said. “You can’t make corrections, lift, or paint over. You just let it happen and guide you.” She began by making “dirty water” with a dollop of ink which she dumped on her first sheet of many layers and let it spread. Proceeding with 3 more sheets she added blues, Susan Frame 01golds, and greens. After the layering is done she will select a sheet, look at the background, find a composition and develop her subject. Many of her paintings reflect her love of northern Minnesota. “This kind of painting is not literal.” she emphasized, “ Its characteristics are filtered through your heart.” Susan Frame 07After the break, Susan demonstrated a composition on a previously prepared sheet. “The painting tells me what to do and I listen,” she said as she developed trees around a waterfall. Susan explained the various kinds of brush strokes – pulling, side stroke, pressure stroke (like skating) and one she calls the “schmucking” stroke which involves using the heal of the brush. “It’s not as easy as it looks,” Susan commented. “Remember – I have 45 years of experience.” Susan Frame 04Susan Frame 06