DECEMBER 21, 2017

Demo by James Nutt: “The Art of Sketching”


  Nutt Demo 3082 Nutt Demo 3083Architect and artist, James Nutt, showed how it is possible to draw and sketch anywhere. He emphases that it is important to develop a daily habit of sketching “not to make a beautiful drawing but to free you up and get the voice off your shoulder.”

He carries a small sketching setup wherever he goes. “I’m the 6 foot 5 bald guy carrying a purse,” he quipped as he showed us his easel bag which contains a small sketchbook, palette, water brush and a variety of pens, some waterproof and some non-waterproof.

Asked about the types of paper he recommends, he said, “Dance with whatever you have.” He sketches everywhere – in church, on airplanes, at concerts. Known for his line work, James demonstrated how line weight can show prominence and depth in a sketch. When beginning a drawing he first determines what are the “big rocks, medium size rocks, and small rocks. Put the big rocks in first. Then you will know how to fit in the medium ones, and finally the small ones.”

Nutt Demo 3073James uses small palettes containing a few primaries, warm or cool. He also uses water soluble graphite for grey tones. When working in his studio he works on two or three drawings at a time.

Nutt Demo 3077Putting one aside when he is 75% done he will move on to the next. “My mind is still working on the first,” he explained. He also advised, “Put it down and show it to someone else.”







NorthStar members enjoyed sharing holiday treats and time to catch up with friends. Many members found some great bargains in the ArtSwap/Sale, and some were able to clean out their studio by getting rid of those unused materials and books.

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