Landscape Watermedia Workshop with Dan Wiemer!

Wiemer Narrow Gauge - Watercolor

Wiemer Finding a Way - Watercolor

October 28-31, 2014



Dan Wiemer’s paintings demonstrate his love of the natural world. As a landscape artist, his work reflects energy and directness in watermedia. He uses the transparent quality of watercolor and the opaque nature of acrylic to create contrasts while finding excitement in the endless ways of handling paint.

This landscape workshop will focus on watercolor for the first three days. Dan will then demonstrate his stylized acrylic techniques on day four. Wiemer One October MorningWiemer New Day - AcrylicTrained as a graphic designer with a B.A. from Iowa State University, Dan plays with the shapes and textures of the landscape to find rhythms in the scene that translate into exciting motifs.

Without replicating nature, he tries to distill, stylize and give the viewer his interpretation. Currently, Dan is a fine artist, illustrator and workshop instructor and is past president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society. He spent three weeks in China painting and teaching as a participant in an artist-exchange program. He will be back in China to teach this fall.


  Wiemer Early Light, Ancient Shore - Watercolor & AcrylicWiemer White Pines - AcrylicWiemer Quiet Cove - Watercolor