Jennifer Stone – Collage and Watermedia

Meeting 2 042017
Jennifer Stone began her presentation with the admission that 20 years ago she realized that she “just had to paint.” It was her passion. She began to include collage in her paintings, scouring stores for napkins which she used in collage. As a South Dakota resident, she often travelled to the Twin Cities, returning with cases of napkins. Then she began to purchase collage papers, and now enjoys creating her own hand-made papers and teaching her methods in workshops. She stains tissue paper with acrylic paint, carves her own stamps, uses unwaxed deli paper and goes to work on a design which emphasizes color and texture.

Meeting 5 042017Jennifer’s support may be watercolor paper, canvas, or matboard. She fixes her papers to the ground with matte medium as glue, working intuitively around the design until she is satisfied. Jennifer often includes linear work and script, sometimes incorporating lines applied with black or white gesso. In her demo she began with a traditional cruciform design, overlapping papers and stencils, varying shapes until a pleasing design emerged. Though she didn’t finish the painting, she will post it on Facebook when it is completed.

Meeting 3 042017Jennifer Stone’s approach can be summed up in two words – enthusiasm and intuition. She shared a generous gift of both with NorthStar members.

Jennifer Stone sent us her demo painting after she finished it at home...

Jennifer Stone sent us her demo painting after she finished it at home…