2016 NorthStar Members’ Exhibition: “RADIANCE”

2016 Members Exhibit 5NorthStar’s 2016 Exhibition at TractorWorks in Minneapolis featured 76 artists. Thanks to LouAnn Hoppe for chairing the show and to gallery curator Ron Ridgeway for helping to stage the show.

Juror Dan Mondloch prefaced his remarks on the award-winning paintings by saying that he based each choice on three things: technique, composition, and content.


Emily_JVJan Vaughan – “Emily” (photo left)

This one tugs at the heart strings, feels like a painting from an idea, interesting that the figure is not the central focus because of the angle, good composition, excellent technique and content, sentimental but comfortable.


DSC09825_HNHeidi Nelson – “Mall Walking” (image right)

Good composition with two figures looking ahead and one looking out at the viewer, more interesting than “just a portrait,” good abstracted figures, nice tension and great composition, a careful consideration of marks but with a willingness to let go.


P1070426_JFJudy Fawcett – “Glad for Sun and Flowers” (image right)

Not usually drawn to flowers but blown away by this one, solid composition, lost edges, striking shapes, color and motion – makes me wonder – “How did she do that?”


milkweed_KSKaren Sorenson – “Milkweed” (image left)

A difficult subject, hard to paint, nice suggestion of shapes with using detail, curved and flowing.



P1530205_GSGail Speckmann – “Healing Light” (image far right)

Subjects melt into each other: the figure into the tree into the sky leading the the viewer through the painting, aesthetically and conceptually pleasing, well tied together.

The Highest Power_KKKaren Knutson – “The Highest Power” (image near right)

Rhythm, harmony, and pattern in shapes offset each other, well organized exploration, a calm feeling, wonderful subtle colors.

Snow Day_NANancy Amerson – “Snow Day” (image left)

Interesting background shapes and patterns (bus shelter), suggest a compelling story: What is going on? The love for the artist’s son comes through; nice technique
especially shadows on the forehead.


Searrach, Co. Kerry_TDDavid Smith – “Nostalgia” (image right)

There is a great fluidity in this painting, few brush strokes, control of values, well organized.

Tom Dimock – “An Searrach” (image left)

P1180711_DMSimple composition, nice gradation from dark to light, subtle effect, harmony in the background, pure layering of washes, feeling of spontaneity.

Dennis Murnyak – “Winter Sky” (image right)

One fluid passage, direct, confident and bold, nice DSCN2290shadows, lights in the middle of darks.

Barb Parisien – “Where in the Tuileries?” (image left)

Nice direct painting taking the viewer from the figures into the background, good lost and found edges; the sculpture glows.

DSC09826DGDianne Ginsberg – “For the Birds” (image right)

Interesting use of media – fluid acrylics with gel, nice soft diffused layering with the birds floating above, subtle and understated like a children’s book

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DSC09819FZFrank Zeller – “Suffex England” (image left)

Competent and fresh with lost and found edges, interesting use of matchstick and ink, a graphic quality, nice reflections and passage of light. Shadows lead the viewer around the painting.



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