October 15, 2020

James Nutt

YouTube Video link: https://youtu.be/1tVa0qvn6Sg

James Nutt began his demo by saying, “Anywhere you’re at, you can find a story to tell.” He loves art and loves to talk about it. In his studio, he usually works on two paintings or sketches at once so he can let paint dry. He uses a variety of sketchbooks, but his current favorites are Handbook and Etcher. He often pre-cuts 300 pound paper and pencils in the mat size. James lists all of his tools on his website, but mentioned that he draws with a number 2 or 2 B pencil and likes Staedtler Lumacolor pens. He doesn’t believe in erasing. Drawing is simply making a move and then making the next move. Before beginning, he thinks about the story, begins the drawing by making sure the main shapes are the right size and proportion, then draws again with ink. This is a new drawing, not tracing.

After sharing his supplies, philosophy and approach, James showed a video of himself completing a sketch in his own back yard.

Memorable quotes from James Nutt:
I paint until I regret the last three moves.
I like paintings that are ABOUT something, not OF something.
You learn more from the ones you don’t like than the ones you like.
I paint the Golden Mean.
Pick up an object. Look at it. Why is it this way. Let it talk.
Foreground, middle ground, background = hither, thither, and yon.
All nature has a little red in it. If your green looks fake, add red.