NorthStar Watermedia 2021 Virtual Member Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: March 1-31, 2021


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Juror comments By Sylvia Benson and Sue Vanelli





“Roots” by Lynn Middleton-Koller

(Photo left) The figures really say it all for this painting with the elongated legs. Such a great title for a great entertaining idea. The large black section across the top is intimidating and could have been broken up so it isn’t distracting the figures.



“Lesser Town Bridge, Prague”
by Kerry Kuperschmidt

(Photo right) Skilled detail work. Charming color palette. Captures the feeling of a casual stroll in an European town. The sky is too intense for the painting. The buildings lack depth because they are too close in value.


“Frosty Morning” by Barbara Neihart

(Photo left) Fresh. Made simply with visual appeal. It depicts the lonely time in a bitter cold winter. Beautiful color palette. It would have been helpful to give the painting more depth by placing the pond behind the snowbank.


“Window Box” by Lisa Fertig

(Photo right) A source of fascination with the delightful patterning in the foreground. There was too much foliage at the top which detracts from the composition.


“Movin On” by Nancy Amerson

(Photo left) Skillful watercolor technique. Nicely captured the light on the forehead and the folds on his shirt. The bold window in the background takes away from the composition.



“Mesmerized” by Marilyn Jacobson

(Photo right) The viewer is immediately drawn into this painting by the humor and delightful feelings it invokes. The soft pastel colors are so fitting for the topic. A few places could have had darker values to help intensify the lighter tones.




“Winter’s Lace” by Judy Fawcett

(Photo left) A whimsical perspective. Title speaks to the composition. Nice flow to the painting, (no pun intended). Part of what makes this painting so striking is the use of value, lightest light against darkest dark. The artist employed the complementary colors of soft blues with warm, orange earth tones. Varying shapes and sizes of the stones and the lines around them enhance the piece. The unique quality of the artwork enhances the piece.


“Mickey’s Diner” by Cate Larson

(Photo right) Precise watercolor technique and a very creative and unique composition. The artist is taking a snapshot with a new perspective. Viewer’s eye move throughout the painting. Enjoy the use of light on the objects and the soft glow attained. One can almost feel the smoothness of the metal backdrops. Mickey’s Diner is an icon in St. Paul, so it’s nice to show its local charm in this painting.

“By a Nose” by Carol Spohn

(Photo left) This painting was chosen for honorable mention because it has a beautiful abstract design of the horses. The exciting use of the palette knife demonstrates the explosion of the horses at the finish line. The colors are beautiful.


“Pietertje, the Bride” by Leny Wendel

(Photo right) This painting has excellent color harmony by carrying the background color throughout the reflections on her face. The composition is balanced. The eyes hold you with their interesting stoic expression bringing a mystery as to what her thoughts are. The loose painting of the embellishments on the clothing emphasizes the exacting details of her face. One can almost feel the textures on the garment. It returns the viewer to a different era.


“Glacier Lodge” by Mary Zadach

(Photo left) The first impression is the outstanding atmospheric mood of the piece. It emits calming feelings. The artist’s handling of the water color media, exhibits control, skill, and experience. The color palette complements the environment. It has a clear use of light in the focal point. The painting depicts a moment in time. The placement of the figures have a feeling of intimacy and camaraderie which the artist depicted so well.

“Juggling in the Time of Covid” by Marie Panlener

(Photo right) Truly a statement of the times and feelings during the Covid pandemic. This piece is an information highway and evokes emotions. There is a feeling of being internally locked down as if imprisoned. Families have had to juggle the time for work and children’s virtual education. The numbers used could be the people who died from Covid or contracted it. Use of light and color on the balls highlight the juggling and represents movement and rhythm. Interesting texture and patterning creates the intensity of the moment. Vibrant colors show the overall design of the theme, making it a hopefully brighter future for humanity. Composition is fascinating. The viewer is drawn into the storyline.




“Ballet Series IV:
Posed in the Studio”
by Gina Judy

Very interesting color palette. This painting tells a story that causes the viewer to feel what is depicted. The ballerinas have a calm demeanor against the bold patterning in the background. The figures are graceful in the way they are sitting as in a ballet stance consistent with the artist’s intent. The painting keeps the viewer entertained with its unique complexity of composition. Excellent brush work, especially the gown on the right. This painting stands out in a crowd and dares to be different.








“Before the Race” by Rockie Weymouth

(Photo below) Fantastic composition that utilizes the principles of design. The primary colors in the foreground complement the muted background colors. The focal point draws the viewer in. Great use of the darker value in the foreground that anchors the painting and of a wonderful harmonious color palette. Focal point is very obvious but the eye travels throughout the painting enjoying the interlocking chairs, bicycle and the subtle writing on the plague. Wonderful skill of watercolor techniques. It is fresh and intriguing. A consummate artistic accomplishment.