NEXT MEETING – Mark your calendar!:

IN-PERSON – with panelists Paul Oman, Leny Wendel & Carol Sphon

Thursday, November 16, 1-3 pm
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 1807 Field Ave, St Paul, MN

After our panelists share their processes, materials, and resources for making greeting cards – original and/or printed – everyone will create a card or two of their own. We’re supplying the envelope/card sets! Members should bring their usual painting supplies (paints, brushes etc.). We will provide up to two card sets (folded card, envelope, paper for original painting), water, and paper towels.

Share your work! You are also encouraged to bring samples of your own greeting cards and/or one of your paintings to share with other members in an informal gallery.

Feel free to bring your own refreshments or bring a treat to share with the group.






October 2023

“Fast and Furious Landscapes with Sue Olson”


NorthStar members who attended our October meeting enjoyed painting quick landscapes based on a work by another artist.  It was amazing to see the variety of styles and techniques used to recreate an unfamiliar scene in just 30 minutes.  We had a great time socializing, painting together and sharing our work with each other.