Marilyn Jacobson MTB ArtMeet the Board: Marilyn Jacobson

NSWS/MNWS Liaison As AOAL member 2013 & 2014, I recruited  demo artists for the back Demo area.

How did you get starting painting?  NSWS member Marian Wolters invited me to a NSWS demo 10 years ago, and I joined that night.

Favorite medium?  Watercolor

Favorite subject matter to paint? People (both portraits and figures) and dogs.  I try to capture the personality or mood.

Favorite place to buy art supplies? Cheap Joe’s and Wet Paint.  Nearly all of my paintings are framed at Artists’ Choice.

Best advice for beginners? Take a series of lessons.  This will help you improve skills, and minimize frustration.  Also, find a group to paint with, for encouragement, ideas, and gentle critiques.  Be active in NSWS; attend demos, take workshops, serve on the Board, participate in shows and in the Artists’ Market.  Without NSWS, I would not have developed skills as an artist!

Best workshop taken?  I’ve enjoyed every workshop, and am thankful to the wonderful, generous teaching artists we have locally.

How many colors do you need?  8 to 10

What paints can’t you live with out?   Cobalt blue, Joe’s red, Joe’s yellow, lemon yellow.

What is the best thing about being on the NWS board?  Getting to know other members, being informed, contributing to the organization which has given so much to me.

What is/was your occupation? Social Worker in a cancer center.

What activities do you enjoy other than painting?  Singing, ping pong, pickle ball, family time.