Meet the Board: Marie Panlener

Members’ Exhibition Chair 2013 and 2014 President Elect 2015

Marie Panlener Meet the BoardFavorite medium? I stick to watercolor and use the same kind of paper consistently to keep as many things as constant as possible. That limits a few of the challenges to painting.

Favorite subject matter to paint? I’ll paint anything, buildings, people, landscape, make-believe. 

Favorite place to buy art supplies? I live about 2 miles from Wet Paint on Grand Avenue in St. Paul; that is my favorite art supply store. 

Best advice for beginners? Plan to ruin about an acre of paper. In other words, accept failure as part of the learning experience. 

Best workshop taken?  At Dillman’s resort last fall I took a workshop with an Australian watercolor artist named John Lovett. There were a lot of things I liked about the workshop from the venue to his accent and lots of things in-between. We used only primary colors to paint: red, blue and yellow. Having never done that before, it was a great learning experience. That was just one of the things in a week full of learning. 

How many colors do you need?  Since the John Lovett workshop, I often paint with just the primary colors. But I do have second palette with about 18 colors. 

What paints can’t you live with out?  Daniel Smith Shadow Violet and Serpentine Green and Holbein Cobalt Turquoise Light. 

What is the best thing about being on the NSWS board? Being able to influence the direction of the Society.