Meet the Board: LouAnn Hoppe

Co-President 2014-2015 President Elect 2013 Chair of Art On A Line 2010-12

MTB-LH-artHow did you get started painting?  I began watercolor painting in 2000 when I noticed a sign in a window in downtown White Bear Lake advertising classes. I signed up that day and painted with this group every Saturday morning for about 8 years until the studio closed.  

Favorite medium? I really enjoy watercolor, but am experimenting with acrylics when the mood hits me. The colors are so different in each and acrylic is more forgiving but not so exciting.

Favorite place to buy art supplies? I buy my materials from Blick’s online or at other local art supply stores. I do insist on using quality materials and always use Arches paper and usually use Winsor & Newton paints. It is like any food recipe: You put in good ingredients; you get good food out of it.  I own three palettes so I have lots of colors, but I find I use the same ones over and over. I love Quinacridone Gold, Antwerp Blue and Alizarin Crimson.

Favorite subject matter to paint? I most often paint things from nature in my environment. I take lots of photos around my yard, neighborhood and when I travel.  My favorite subjects are trees, lakes, flowers, sky and water. Sounds like MN doesn’t it?  I find that I am so much more aware of color when I am looking through a lens and composing a picture.

Best workshop taken?  I’ve taken a number of workshops and regular lessons. Each of them teaches me a different skill and it is up to me to incorporate those into my own work. All sharing is valuable.

What is the best thing about being on the NWS board? Being on the Board of NSWS has allowed me to meet many new friends and to become more aware of all the opportunities available through NorthStar. Everyone is so talented and the variety of work is astonishing and impressive.

What is/was your occupation?  My career was in education. I was an upper elementary classroom teacher, a Special Needs teacher, Gifted Ed teacher, administrator of special needs programs and a professor at Hamline. I have taught every grade from pre school to post graduate.  Currently I teach watercolor classes on cruise ships once or twice a year. I also currently work with autistic children and have created over 30 weighted blankets designed to reduce stress in autistic and ADHD children and adults.

What activities do you enjoy other than painting?  Besides painting, I go to the gym several times a week, golf, and enjoy hiking, fishing and travel. I belong to two book clubs and have been a member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for over 30 years.