Ann Sisel Art MTBMeet the Board: Ann Sisel

Workshop Co-Chair 2014-2015 Publicity Committee Member for National Show 2014-2015

How did you get starting painting? At about 10 years of age I started after watching my mother paint. I have a fine arts degree from Macalester, I was about 40 when I finished this degree.

Favorite medium? My favorite medium is a tough question, some days watercolor and some days layers of textured acrylic.

Favorite subject matter to paint? Birds and nature of all kinds.

Favorite place to buy art supplies? Wet Paint is my very favorite place for supplies.

Best advice for beginners? Draw often and observe everything you see in detail. Also watch the light and shadows early and late in the day.

Best workshop taken? Lana Grow. She teaches a layering method with wiping down to the first layers. She uses textural devices like spray alcohol, brayers, and stencils. We also made papers that we used for collage materials. The manual she created for each student is full of design and composition ideas and is a great reference for the steps in her techniques.

How many colors do you need? I only need primary colors.

What is the best thing about being on the NWS board? Meeting the artists and seeing how committed everyone is to improving NorthStar.

What is/was your occupation? I was a computer graphics specialist who created logos, newsletters and computer slide shows.

What activities do you enjoy other than painting? I love textile arts like knitting, spinning and weaving.