May 9, 2019:

Demo by Pat Undis: Value Patterns


Pat Undis 467Pat Undis 480 A NorthStar member for over 25 years, Pat Undis showed her years of experience in demonstrating the importance of value patterns whether painting an abstract composition or realistic landscape.

She shared the lesson that she has used successfully over the years with her students. Looking through magazines and using a cropping tool or view finder, Pat crops out little abstract patterns. She looks for an unequal distribution of lights, mediums and darks. Usually the lightest light will be in the focal point.

She Pat Undis 478goes back to “old school” art school ideas which emphasize the elements and principles of design.

Pat drew the design and blocked out white with wax. Deciding on a warm dominant color scheme, she painted the medium values, let the paint dry, then put in the darks. Then it’s time to evaluate. This could mean adding more darks, lifting lights, glazing, or even collaging. Pat Undis 486

After the break, Pat worked on the background of a portrait which was close to completion.

Her final project was to begin and complete a landscape – which she managed to do in about 15 minutes! Pat is always asking herself, “What do I need to work on?”

When she paints on location she considers it “a workshop for myself.” What does she especially love about painting? “There’s always a problem to be solved.”  

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