JANUARY 21, 2021

Dan Wiemer

Dan Wiemer has been painting with watercolor for over 40 years, and began combining watercolor with acrylic about 20 years ago. His career evolved from graphic designer to illustrator to fine artist. As a graphic designer, he worked with markers and tracing paper, often in black and white, influencing his painting style. Spending time in China, he worked on mastering calligraphy and learning the Asian idea of “notan,” creating harmony between lights and darks.  As a designer, he learned to link shapes, especially shadows. Dan loves wood cuts and batiks, both of which have influenced his painting style. He has also been influenced by the Canadian artists known as the “group of 7.”  

Dan’s process begins with the application of masking fluid (Winsor Newton) applied with an acrylic brush to areas which will be saved for watercolor. Then he applies darks with acrylic paint (adding matte medium) which he brushes on with “chunky” strokes.  He lets the acrylic dry, then removes the masking. He paints over the saved areas with watercolor, leaving hard edges and wanting everything “to be as stylized as possible.” 

Advice and words of wisdom punctuated his demo:

“People ask me how to develop a style,  You need to find out your tendencies.  It’s like personality. You can’t change it.” 

“The hardest part of painting is starting and finishing. When you don’t know if it is done, look at it the next day.”

“Painting is just constructing shapes. It’s like putting a puzzle together.”

“Each time you do a work of art, it’s like a ring on a tree.”