What is the basic set-up of the NorthStar Watermedia site?

There are several NAVIGATION TOOLS to help you move through the site.

On the HOME PAGE in a blue bar is the main NAVIGATION TOOL. Click on each CATEGORY and you will be connected to the main pages, which include, CALENDAR, NSWS WORKSHOPS, NSWS EXHIBITIONS, and ART ON A LINE. There is a SEARCH BOX to help you find specific information.

Under the logo, is a second navigation bar. It includes information on the upcoming NSWS meeting and event, the last peer winners, information about NSWS (including how to join), and a virtual gallery archive. There is also a number of resources for member links, group painting events, classes and workshops offered by members, member news, and opportunities.

The HOME PAGE also includes quick info about the next meeting in the LOGO BAR, featured photos relating to special pages in the LEFT COLUMN (click on the image to go to the page), and a current connection to the NSWS Facebook newsfeed. The current virtual gallery of members is to the RIGHT.

Do I just send everything to the Web Master or Web Liaison?

No. In most cases, to get information on the website, you have to submit forms which are conveniently located around the site, connected to different categories. If you have other issues or concerns, you can send those directly to the Web Master at

I am a member. How can I get my website listed on the NSWS site?

Under RESOURCES we have a page of MEMBER LINKS. If you go under that, you will see SUBMIT LINK. Fill out the form completely. The first and second lines are required. You can post up to 3 different personal website addresses. An email is required –in this case it will not be published, but only used if we need to get further information or if we need to seek clarification.

I am a member and am teaching a class/workshop? Can I get that on the NSWS site?

Yes! All NSWS members can list their classes and workshops. Under RESOURCES you will see a link for MEMBERS’ CLASSES/WORKSHOPS and a link to submit your class. Please note that some of the fields are required. Remember, the more information you can give your prospective students, the better! Also, in this category, you can include a jpg for inclusion with your listing. NOTE: In this form, all fields will be published.

I have art-related news that I would like to share with everyone. How can I do that?

Under RESOURCES we have a section for MEMBER NEWS. This section is intended for NorthStar members who have news to share with others: acceptance into a show; an award received; an exhibition; you were “published”; you did a guest demo for another group; or some other art-related event that is special. (If you have won an award, considering sharing the image of the painting by attaching an image file.) You must be a current member to be put into this category and you will find a link to submit member news under RESOURCES/MEMBER NEWS.

I notice that different things get posted on the NorthStar Facebook page. How do you get that information?

Most of the items you see on the Facebook page (search for “NorthStar Watermedia” and “like” us) are items that can be found elsewhere on the NSWS website, but is more “current” news with immediate importance. The Facebook news feed is conveniently placed on the home page of the website, so you can scroll down and see the things that are being noted in Facebook!

There is a Virtual Gallery on the main page of the website. Can I get an image on there?

Actually, if you are a member, you can get 2 images in the Virtual Gallery! The gallery changes periodically so that new images should be sent several times during the year. You should submit 2 images (in the same email if possible) to the Webmaster Calvin deRuyter ( and he will get your images in the next available gallery.

How can I get something listed on the NorthStar CALENDAR?

You can submit calendar items by going to the CALENDAR page and clicking on “See submission guidelines and submit your event” which you will find at the end of the top paragraph. There are some guidelines which you must meet to get listed on that particular calendar page… if you meet the criteria, you can use the form provided to submit your entry. Note that many of the fields are required fields.

I noticed under RESOURCES a category called OPPORTUNITIES. What is that?

This section is intended for anyone who has an opportunity (show call for submissions, call for artists, or special project, etc.) to share with artists. For example, you have read about an organization that has put out a call for a national exhibit, or you have a gallery that is looking for a new artist, or you know of an organization that has put out a call for exhibit proposals. These are just examples. You do not need to be a member to submit something into this category, however, classes/workshops or other “commercial” notices will not be put into this category and what is included is at the discretion of the Web Liaison and the Web Master.

There is a list of GROUP PAINT EVENTS under RESOURCES. What is that?

Group painting events are FREE (fee-based options will not be put here) events where people can get together into a group and paint. It does not have to be a NorthStar event to be listed, or even in the metro area.

What if I have something that fits into several different categories. Do I have to submit different forms?

Yes in most cases you do. The Web Liaison or the Web Master will not be guessing as to where you all want an item listed. If it fits in different categories, the chances are that it may actually require different information to adequately address that category. The exception is the Facebook listing, which is at the discretion of the Web Master, and will take items that are submitted to other places on the web site. In all other instances, just to be sure, you should actually submit multiple forms if it is appropriate to be in different places on the website (ie both in MEMBER NEWS  and in a the CALENDAR for something like the opening of a member’s show).