2023 NorthStar Watermedia Society Member Exhibition Awards


Suzanne Galloway, juror for NorthStar’s Member Exhibition, began her comments by saying that, as an artist, she has painted in many styles and many media. She encourages members to enter exhibitions to get their work out there, not necessarily to win awards. As a judge, Suzanne uses the seven elements of design as criteria, but mainly focuses on value and color. She also takes presentation into consideration. The “packaging” must be pleasing. Suzanne commented that it is difficult to judge the various types of watermedia, but would prefer that watercolor be its own separate category rather than including acrylic and other watermedia.


LouAnn Hoppe“Aspen in Autumn” 
“I enjoyed the syncopation and texture in the design.”


Robert Jeffery “Fountain for Four Rivers” 
“The values on the skin and rock are wonderful. The main figure really stands out.”


Gina Judy“The Wait” (photo unavailable)
“The title shows the tension in the figure.”








Dennis Murnyak“Starting to Melt”
“This painting shows the transition from winter to spring.  I like the simplicity, what he didn’t say.”









Heidi Nelson“Rusty Mums”
“This is an unusual floral. She shows  the reverse side of the flowers with reflections.”









Marie Panlener “Appreciating Puddles After the Drought”
“Everything is beautiful about this painting from the technique to the viewpoint to the execution. The ally is an unusual and difficult subject.”















Patty Schmid“Daddy’s Girls”
“This painting is actually four portraits. There is wonderful balance in the design.”













Don Aggerbeck“Daybreak”
“This one is the quintessential watercolor. Wonderful washes and color, soft edges and blending. Only one hard line.”












Jan Vaughan -I
“This acrylic has strong design. She mastered ALL of the principles of design. The frame fits the piece.”