2020 NorthStar Member Exhibition: “Kaleidoscope”


The entries in the Northstar Watermedia Society’s 2020 show at the Blaine City Hall were very impressive regarding overall technique and interesting subject matter. Currently, both of us, Don Dickinson and Patty Paulus, are practicing artists with studios in the Dow Building in St. Paul, and we were also art teachers in both public and private schools in the Twin Cities area. We took our job of judging your art very seriously and pondered over these awards knowing that in any type of competition our choices may not coincide with your preferences. That being said, we took into consideration an artist’s technique within his or her choice of media, composition, color, mood, and overall appeal to the viewer. We spent several hours going back and forth from one painting to another until we both felt that we were making the best choices. Since we are both educators, we encourage all of you to continue to express yourself in this way through your art as we know how important art is in our lives and for society. Keep painting! Judges: Don Dickinson and Patty Paulus

Honorable Mention

ewhite-barnEmmy White, “Barn” A playful, very colorful, expressionistic composition that plays with perspective in a whimsical manner.

lwendel-winter-magicLeny Wendel, “Winter Magic” Interesting textures, shapes, and a colorful winter scene on rice paper with a great border.




gspeckman-and-here-they-come!Gail Speckman, “And Here They Come!” Very colorful, playful, freeform, and abstract expressionist piece with a nice use of line.

kkupferschmidt-autumn-reflections-at-quarry-parkKerry L Kupferschmidt, “Autumn Reflection at Quarry Park” Restful autumnal composition with reflections and trees done well in a loose yet effective style.



phealy-cymbidium-orchidsPatty Healy, “Cymbidium Orchids” Good composition, colorful, interesting detail, and contrast of stripes within the piece, together with a lovely frame.

chanson-migrationClaudia Hanson, “Migration” Interesting texture, shapes, and soothing colors with lots of movement that evoke an overall prehistoric feel to the piece.




Merit Awards

bparisien-before-dawnBarbara Parisien, “Before Dawn” Very atmospheric lighting within the piece, tells a
story, good contrast, and intimate mood.


jnutt-meta-city-landscapeJames Nutt, “Meta City Landscape” Interesting contrast of detail between city structures and a surrounding color field that evokes a striking sunset mood.



jferdinande-rememberingJeannie Ferdinande, “Remembering” Great technique, good composition, restful, soothing and intimate piece that tells a story for the viewer.


sdvergsten-water-walkSiobhan Dvergsten, “Water Walk” Great color, shapes, and interesting depth perspective with a strong graphic feel to this striking piece.







Awards of Excellence

bneihart-summer-kaleidoscopeBarbara Neihart, “Summer Kaleidoscope” Great mood, excellent composition, intimate glen look, good contrast, soothing mood; overall coloring and effect is very pleasing.


dmurnyak-winter-lakeDennis Murnyak, “Winter Lake” Nice mood, color, reflections, texture, together with a free and loose simplicity that resembles an ink wash.





Best of Show

Karen Sorensen, “Forest Floor” Excellent composition and technique, wonderful positive and negative areas, delicate textures, analogous colors, great mood within this intimate piece, together with excellent contrast between shapes.